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Chinggis Khaan's Birthplace Tour

This amazing trip will take you to beautiful Eastern Mongolia or 13th Century Mongolia. Eastern Mongolia’s vast green steppe is famous for not only its pristine nature but also for Chinggis Khaan, the person of the millennium whose empire occupied half of the World in the 13th Century. For this reason there are plenty of exciting historical sites related to the Great Mongolian Empire and Chinggis Khaan such as the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Blue lake where Temuujin was entitled as a Khan of Mongolia, Onon Tsagaan Lake –the place Chinggis Khaan established Great Mongolian Empire and others. Most foreigners spell his name Genghis Khan but Chinggis Khaan is the way Mongolians spell it. One of the most interesting highlights of the trip will be The 13th Century Theme Park.

This is the only place you can visit the old time micro kingdom of Mongolia and experience the genuine environment of living and working in the 13th Century. There is a 13th Century Relay-station, Craftsmen, Educational, Herder’s and Shaman’s camps, plus the Khan’s Palace Ger. All camps are open to you and you are free to experience everything. Enjoy free horseback & camel riding, playing traditional games, writing your name in Mongolian calligraphy, dressing in traditional Mongolian clothes and have photos taken for a lifetime of memories. Visit Chinggis Khaan’s homeland with us and spend your memorable holiday in Eastern Mongolia’s untouched nature!

Tour code: NC-1

Suitable time: late May – September

Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights

Tour price for 2018:

Group size

Price USD/ per person
Hotel*** Hotel****
2 pax 1585 1667

3-5 pax



6-10 pax



11-15 pax



Note: Single supplement is available at 215 USD

Included in the price:
  • 3-4 star hotel in twin/double occupancy in UB
  • Tourist ger camps (twin/triple sharing)
  • Airport/ hotel/ airport transfer
  • Transportation by 4WD minivan with fuel
  • Experienced driver
  • Guiding/ interpreting service
  • All meals (B, L, D)
  • A bottle of water, daily
  • Museums and folklore performance
  • Entrance fees for national parks & protected areas
  • The 13th Century Park, its diverse activities
  • Invitation letter if needed
Excluded in the price:
  • Single supplement fees
  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Excess luggage charges
  • Video and photographing fees
  • Extra and optional activities’ cost
  • Tips for guide and driver
Discounts for:
  • For children of family tour (depending on age)
  • Every 16th member is free for group tours
  • Who brings minimum 3 pax

Tour Itinerary Day by Day

Exp: (Ger - a Mongolian traditional dwelling /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and City Tour.
    Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. We will meet you at the airport with your name sign. Visit the National Museum of Mongolian History, Gandan Monastery and Genghis Square (Sukhbaatar Square), the city’s central square in front of the Mongolian Parliament building. Here we will provide you with some basic information about Mongolia and our capital, Ulaanbaatar. (Hotel/ Lunch, Dinner)
  • Day 2. Chinggis Khaan’s Statue and Khukh Nuur Lake.
    In the morning we will drive east to famous Khukh Nuur or “Blue Lake” via Chinggis Khaan’s (Genghis Khan) statue. Visit Chinggis Khaan’s statue complex. The 40 meter high stainless steel statue of Chinggis Khaan on the horseback is the largest of its kind in the world. Enjoy the view of the surrounding area from the open balcony on Chinggis Khaan’s horse’s head. Continue driving to Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur. Khukh Nuur or Blue Lake is a beautiful lake where Temuujin was given the title, Chinggis Khaan and Chinggis Khaan was invested as a “The Great Khaan of all Mongolia” in 1189. Visit Blue Lake and the wooden statues in the forest where the ceremony took place. The surrounding area of Khukh Nuur is quiet, peaceful and convenient for hiking & relaxation. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)
  • Day 3. Visit the historical places related to Chinggis Khan in Binder.
    Drive to Binder and on the way visit the Khangal Lake, Dund Jargalant deer stone monuments, Khurkh Jargalant – an ancient square tomb, Binder Ovoo - one of Mongolia’s largest and most sacred religious places, Rashaan Khad – with numerous types of ancient rock inscriptions and drawings, Binder deer stone monuments, Onon Tsagaan Lake – the place where the Great Mongolian Empire was proclaimed, “Khuree Ukhaa”, the other location Temuujin is said to have been born and Chinggis Khaan’s father, Esukhei hero’s ger base. Free time for hiking in an area that offers great opportunities for taking wonderful photos. (Ger camp/B, L, D)
  • Day 4. Legendary Birthplace of Chinggis Khan.
    Today we will tour Dadal – legendary birthplace of Chinggis Khaan. Visit the historical monument of Chinggis Khaan by Gurvan Nuur Lake, Deluun Boldog - Chinggis Khaan’s birth place, Khajuu Bulag – the spring where Chinggis was washed after he was born and Bodonchar’s grass tent. Enjoy the natural beauty of the area. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)
  • Day 5. “Uglugch Kherem” Wall and “Baldan Bereeven” Monastery.
    In the morning we will drive to wonderful Baldan Bereeven Monastery. On the way we will visit “Uglugchiin Kherem” or Uglugch Wall. The wall was built very carefully in higher places around the area. Chinggis Khaan lived near the wall for some time and there has been some excavation of ancient burials sites near the wall. Continue driving and visit Baldan Bereeven Monastery located among beautiful picturesque mountains. The monastery was built in the 1700s and where around 7000 monks used to study, chant and do other daily Buddhist activities. There are many interesting things to see and do here although most parts of the monastery complex were destroyed by communists in 1937. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)
  • Day 6. “The 13th Century” Theme Park, Terelj National Park and meditation temple.
    Drive to beautiful Terelj National Park. On the way we will visit the “13th Century” Theme Park. This is the only place you can go back in time and visit the old time micro Kingdom of Mongolia and experience the genuine environment of the way of living and working in the 13th Century. There is a 13th Century relay-station, craftsmen, educational, herder’s and Shamans’ camps, plus the Great Khaan’s Palace Ger. All camps are open to you and free to experience. Enjoy free horseback & camel riding, playing traditional games, writing your name in Mongolian calligraphy, dressing in traditional Mongolian clothes and taking great pictures of your experience for a lifetime of memories. Have lunch in the Great Khaan’s Palace Ger.Arrive inTerelj. Terelj National Park is a picturesque place with high granite cliffs eroded by natural forces creating a wonderful landscape of granite tors as if carved by some giant sculptor. Visit the Turtle Rock formation, the symbol of the national park and “Aryabal” meditation temple where you will enjoy the best view of the park. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)
  • Day 7. Return to Ulaanbaatar and City Tour.
    Drive back to Ulaanbaatar. We will then visit Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, the last Mongolian king’s winter palace, Buddha Park, featuring a 23 meter tall statue of Buddha and the Zaisan Hill War Memorial. The huge monument on the top of the hill was created as a memorial to soldiers who died in World War II. Zaisan Hill overlooks the city and offers the best panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding sacred mountains. Later we will go shopping at a cashmere factory outlet store, a souvenir shop or whatever else you want to do. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Mongolian folklore performance of song, dance, music and contortionists followed by a farewell dinner at a fine Mongolian restaurant. (Hotel/ B, L, D)
  • Day 8. Departure. Meet at the hotel and transfer to the airport for departure. (B)

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