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Dinosaur Lands Tour

Mongolia is one of the world’s most important countries for paleontology with the discovery of 40 species of dinosaurs. Some of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world are in the Natural History Museum in Ulaanbaatar. Not only complete dinosaur skeletons but the world’s best collection of dinosaur eggs and their amazing nests are found in the museum. These displays will satisfy some visitors but there are more dinosaur remains in other institutes and in some regional province museums.

The Mongolian Gobi Desert is one of the most unique, untouched and mysterious places on earth. The Gobi Desert was once an ancient inland sea bottom and nowadays is a wonderful paleontological treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The most famous dinosaur exploration sites of Central Asia, Khermen Tsav (dinosaur’s native land), Nemegt (great place to see dinosaur fossils as well as huge foot prints), Tugrugiin Shiree (where fighting dinosaurs’ fossils were found), Bayanzag or Flaming Cliffs (where the first dinosaur eggs were found) Naran Daats and Zulganai oasis are in the Mongolian Gobi.

All the above popular dinosaur remains sites, the massive sand dunes of Khongor, the Gobi icy canyon of Yoliin Am, an exciting city tour and unforgettable featured activities are included in this wonderful tour. Check below for the complete tour itinerary and let’s travel together to the Mongolian Dinosaur Lands for an unforgettable adventure of discovery!

Tour code: SI-1

Suitable time: late May – September

Note: July is quite hot for this tour

Duration: 9 days/ 8 nights

Tour price for 2018:

Group size

Price USD/ per person
Hotel*** Hotel****
2 pax 3470 3553
3 pax 2630 2713

4-8 pax



9-12 pax



Note: Single supplement is available at 200 USD

Included in the price:
  • 3-4 star hotel in twin/double occupancy in UB
  • Tourist ger camps (twin/triple sharing)
  • Tents (twin sharing)
  • Camping equipments
  • Airport/ hotel/ airport transfer
  • Domestic flights
  • Transportation by 4WD minivan with fuel
  • Experienced driver
  • Guiding/ interpreting service
  • Cook for camping days
  • All meals as indicated on the itinerary
  • A bottle of water, daily
  • Entrance fees for museums & protected areas
  • Invitation letter if needed
Excluded in the price:
  • Single supplement fees
  • International airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Excess luggage charges
  • Video and photographing fees
  • Extra and optional activities’ cost
  • Tips for guide and driver
Discounts for:
  • For children of family tour (depending on age)
  • Every 16th member is free for group tours
  • Who brings minimum 3 pax

Tour Itinerary Day by Day

Exp: (Ger - a Mongolian traditional dwelling /Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and City Tour.
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. We will meet you at the airport with your name sign. Visit the Museum of Dinosaur where you can see the most famous dinosaur findings of Mongolia, the National Museum of Mongolian History and Genghis Square (Sukhbaatar Square), the city’s central square in front of the Mongolian Parliament building. Here we will provide you with some basic information about Mongolia and our capital, Ulaanbaatar. (Hotel/ L, D)

Day 2. Flight to the Gobi – Bayanzag “Flaming Cliffs” ancient dinosaur land.

Drive to airport and take a flight to Dalanzadgad, the center of South Gobi Province. Drive to Bayanzag – “Flaming Cliffs”. This place is famous for its dinosaur fossils, eggs and the special Gobi tree, the “saxaul”. In 1922 American explorer Roy Chapmen Andrews and his expedition members found the first dinosaur eggs as well as numerous fossil skeletons of dinosaurs that lived 70-80 million years ago. Visit the Flaming Cliffs. Enjoy walking and exploring in Flaming Cliffs and the Gobi “saxaul” forest. Overnight in a traditional Mongolian ger. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

Day 3. “Tugrugiin Shiree” ancient dinosaur land – “Khongor” Sand Dunes.
Today we will drive to beautiful Khongor Sand Dunes and on the way visit Tugrugiin Shiree. Tugrugiin Shiree is steep with around 30 meters high walls. Dinosaur bones appear on the wall. Rare remains such as baby dinosaurs’ skeletons in fossilized eggs and 2 dinosaurs’ skeletons that died in combat were found in Tugrugiin Shiee by explorers. Continue driving and transfer to a ger camp near Khongor Sand Dunes. Khongor is one of the largest sand dunes in Mongolia with heights reaching 300 meters and extending from northwest to southeast over 180 km. The place is famous for its magnificent huge sand dunes, “Singing Dune”, Green Oasis and beautiful sunsets. Drive to the base of highest sand dunes. Visit a hospitable camel breeder’s family and learn basic information about Mongolians’ traditional nomadic way of the life. Here you will have an opportunity to have camel riding on your own if you like. Climb the highest, the Singing Dune, and enjoy the ultimate amazing view of the dunes and the Green Oasis from the top. Enjoy the wonderful Gobi orange sunset in the evening. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

Day 4. Nemegt.
After breakfast we will drive to Nemegt. On the way we will see beautiful natural landscapes and the red sand cliffs of Tsonj Hollow. This place is one of the famous places of dinosaur fossils and bones as well as exciting foot prints of dinosaur. Free time for walking and exploring the area. (Tents/ B, L, D)

Day 5. Naran Daats – Khermen Tsav ancient dinosaur lands.
Drive to the beautiful Khermen Tsav via Naran Daats. Narandaats is an oasis and remains of ancient animals were found in this area. Have a break in Naran Daats and continue driving to Dinosaur’s Native Land – Khermen Tsav. Khermen Tsav is one of the most famous dinosaur fossil sites in Mongolia. It is a huge hollow of over 250 square km and 100-200 meters deep. This place has not been well studied yet and there are plenty of opportunities to study and explore dinosaur remains. The rich dinosaur skeleton and egg displays of Mongolian Natural History Museum were found in this area. (Tents/ B, L, D)

Day 6. Zulganai Oasis – Khongor.
After breakfast we will drive back to Khongor via beautiful Gobi Oasis – “Zulganai”. Zulganai has a beautiful river and a dense forest of cane and willow. Visit Zulganai oasis and enjoy the natural beauty. Arrive in Khongor and transfer to a ger camp. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

Day 7. “Yoliin Am” Strictly Protected Area - Bearded Eagle Canyon.

After breakfast drive to Yoliin Am – “Bearded Eagle Canyon” via Dungenee Pass. Yoliin Am is a strictly protected area since 1965 and it is located in the Gobi Three Beauties National Park. Yoliin Am is famous for its high & narrow canyons, frozen summer stream and wild life such as bearded eagles, wild Argali sheep, ibex, and Mongolian mice. The stream remains frozen even in July, the hottest month of the year. Visit a small museum of the Gobi Three Beauties National Park and enjoy the picturesque Bearded Eagle Canyon, its wildlife and frozen summer stream. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

Day 8. Flight to Ulaanbaatar and City tour.
In the morning we fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Then visit the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum, the last Mongolian king’s winter palace, Buddha Park, featuring a 23 meter tall statue of Buddha and the Zaisan Hill War Memorial. The huge monument on the top of the hill was created as a memorial to soldiers who died in World War II. Zaisan Hill overlooks the city and offers the best panoramic view of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding sacred mountains. Later we will go shopping at a cashmere factory outlet store, a souvenir shop or whatever else you want to do. Farewell dinner at a fine Mongolian restaurant. (Hotel/ B, L, D)

Day 9. Departure.
Meet at the hotel and transfer to the airport for departure. (B)

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