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Testimonial for Grand Nomads tour company

  I strongly endorse Grand Nomads Tour Company as the best tour company to provide the most comprehensive and rewarding experience in beautiful and culturally unique Mongolia. I have known the owner/manager of Grand Nomads since July 2007 when I began planning my initial visit to Mongolia. At the time working for another tour company, she scheduled, coordinated and personalized my tour and taking the extra time and effort to help me work through several problems involved in scheduling my tour.
   Later on my three subsequent tours with Grand Nomads, she scheduled, organized, and guided them to different parts of the country. In May 2008 I discover the wonders of the Gobi and the ancient capital of Karakorum. I climbed the tallest dune of the Khongor Sand Dunes with the amazing views of the dunes and the surrounding countryside. I also enjoyed a wonderful visit with a camel breeder and his family, including a camel ride. At Karakorum I toured the fascinating Erdene Zuu Monastery and the other remarkable sights in the area. Later at the Hustai National Park had the great opportunity to see the rare Takhi (Przewalski’s) horse. 
   In May 2009 I took the Northern Tour and visited the great Khuvsgul Lake and the beautiful mountains surrounding it as well as visiting a local Tsaatan (Reindeer people) family and observing their unique way of life. On the way there we stopped by and climbed the Khorgo extinct volcano then on the way back visited the mountain top Tuvkhun Monastery with its amazing views of the surrounding mountains.
   I returned again in May 2010 to tour eastern Mongolia and the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan. Though I had previously visited this area, this tour with Grand Nomads was much more interesting and enjoyable. While also revisiting the sites of Chinggis Khaan’s birth, the Baldan Bereeven Monastery and Blue Lake that were again fascinating, we also climbed Chinggis Khaan’s statue and had a wonderful time living the past at Terelj National Park and the 13th Century Complex where ancient Mongolia comes alive.
   For all the tours Grand Nomads employed the best, most professional drivers who were not only very good drivers but also very friendly and entertaining, often providing interesting facts and anecdotes about the areas visited. As an outstanding guide, the owner was very knowledgeable about all aspects of every location visited from its history and culture to the geography and geologically and was well acquainted with the local people on all my tours. This same conscientious dedication, knowledge and professionalism are found in all the people of Grand Nomads. I thoroughly trust this company to provide the best tours and services in Mongolia and will use no other. I am planning to take the Western Tour with Grand Nomads this year. I highly recommend anyone wanting to tour Mongolia with people who work not only to provide a great tour but with a personal touch that will leave you with the feeling that you have not only seen the country and learned much about Mongolia but have made good friends to use Grand Nomads.

Butch, New York, USA, 2010

I have enjoyed tremendously working with Boloroo - manager of Grand Nomads Tours & Travel Services! With her extensive experience in Mongolia tour services, she has delivered quality and yet
very affordable tours.  With her vast network of tour services business partners, she is able to resolve quickly any problems we've encountered.  She always goes beyond her duty to ensure that her customers are satisfied.  She has earned praises and trust from most demanding clients.
If you want to experience a Mongolia tour of a lifetime and yet do not want to pay high price, you won't be disappointed with Grand Nomads!  Boloroo is the best in Mongolia tour business!

Diane, Travel Agent, USA, 2012

Dear Grand Nomads team, 
Thank you for introducing us to your wonderful country. We have appreciated your enthusiasm and insights. It has been a memorable tour.

Heather's group from Australia, July 2014

Hello Boloroo, 
We really enjoyed our tour with Grand Nomads. We saw a wide range of places from sand dunes and beautiful mountain scenery to temples, palaces and huge sculptures.  We loved the camel riding and a highlight was also eating in the ger with a local family.I rate the entire service as outstanding.  The website was particularly easy to use and follow and was very informative.  My query online was answered quickly and in detail and I found the whole booking procedure, including PayPal, very easy to do indeed.  The tour manager provided regular e-mail contact and was very helpful indeed tailoring the tour to our timeframe and needs. 
All 6 of us really enjoyed the tour as the itinerary covered a lot and really enabled us to see a lot of Mongolia in just a few days.  The minivan was particularly comfortable and we loved both our guide and driver who were so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  Our driver certainly was a fantastic driver, as shown by how he drove confidently and safely through some very treacherous driving conditions in the snow during the last two days.  Our guide spoke good English and also was very accommodating and flexible in adjusting our tour itinerary to our needs and given the weather.
We all had a fantastic time and really would recommend your tour company to anyone else visiting Mongolia.

Claire Harrington - 6 pax from UK, April 2013

Hello dear Boloroo,
It is so nice to hear from you! And I am glad to hear that you are doing fine and we all are so jealous that you travel around Mongolia as much as you do. We still are amazed about the beauty of Mongolia.
Thank you very much for a very well organized trip and also you and Otgoo and Dasha did a very-very good job and made our trip in Mongolia unforgettable.
I am really looking forward to get back to you soon. I really hope that you will consider to come to visit us in Denmark. Take care for now. Hugs.

Julia (from Denmark), 2009

Dear Boloroo,
I want to thank you so much for these five days. I have been happy. My life is good and things go okay for me, but life in the United States makes me understand that life should be much more than what most Americans believe. I didn’t know what to expect at all when I was planning my trip to Mongolia. Actually I let your tour group plan it. I did want something new and challenging. I did want to experience a new culture. Really, I was looking for a moment of peace, beauty, simplicity, and maybe some answers to some questions about life. I do not know that I found all the answers to my questions about life, but I do know that for the first time I felt complete freedom and peace in my heart and soul. Your country has such a wonderful simple elegance about it. There is a great natural beauty in your country and in your people. Your people are very proud and dignified. They are generous and kind. They are humble. They are beautiful.
I want to thank you for your kindness and your hospitality. I felt very at home with you. I was always comfortable. I hope I will have the chance to return that generosity and hospitality someday.

Nick (from USA), 2010

Dear Boloroo,
Thank you for making our first ‘family trip’ to Mongolia so great. It was wonderful and the kids and I had an interesting, but still fun time. Please stay in touch!

Bonnie (from Canada), 2007

Dear Boloroo,
This has been a wonderful trip. Your knowledge of Mongolia and your attention to detail is superb! We both love your country and want to come back again. Thank you for making our time here so special. We will never forget this trip or you. Take care and maybe we will see you on our next trip to Mongolia.

Kathy and Chris (from USA), 2010

Dearest CRYS,
I was so happy reading your message!!
I will send you postcards from Sardinia!!
We spent very nice time all together and I want to save our friendship. Maybe we could organize a second trip to the North of Mongolia!!
I will be very happy to have news about you!

A BIG KISS...take care ...remember Sergio and me...CIAO!!!!  Lucia (from Italy), 2009

Hi Boloroo ---
How wonderful to hear from you! I think very fondly about my time in Mongolia -- and you were the best tour guide and companion I could have asked for.  Alain and I are having a quiet holiday at home. If you ever come to Washington, you are very welcome to stay with us!  Here are photos from our trips.  Thank you again for being such a good guide and tolerating all of my questions! You helped make my trip to Mongolia very special.  Do stay in touch. 

All the best -- your friend Susan (from USA), 2010

Dear Boloroo,
Thank you for everything we had a blast!! You are a very sweet woman. We wish you a very happy life full of health, love and success.

Your friends Tony & Yud, 2012

Sain uu, Boloroo!?
I am doing well.  My home has been warm relative to Mongolia and it is starting to get even warmer with spring.  I celebrated the Lunar New Year with a Mongolian family in my town!  It was great fun and we shared buudz and khushuur, which I have missed!
My research report was well received by my university advisers and I'm in the process of planning my next trip back to Mongolia to continue it!  I plan on being there in June and July possibly longer and hope to continue traveling and talking to farmers as much as I can.  I hope you are doing well!  Stay in touch.

Lindsay (from USA), 2008

Hello dear Boloroo :-)
How are you? So nice to hear from you! :)
Thanks a lot for the wonderful time in Mongolia; it was a great pleasure to travel with you. We loved your beautiful country. We hope to come back one day to Mongolia. It was very nice to meet you as well and we hope to see you soon again. I will attach some photos from our trip in Mongolia. Best regards.

Yours Tatjana and Johnny (from Denmark), 2010

Hey Boloroo.
It is I who thanks you for some very great days in Mongolia – you were so kind to us, open and forthcoming – you were fantastic. I am glad to hear that you have met a lot of kind tourists this summer – from that I take that you have had a good summer. And I can only repeat what we said in Mongolia – if you come to Europe, you or you and your family are very welcome to stay for free here in Denmark. All the best. Kind regards & see you.

Nick (from Denmark), 2010

Hi Boloroo,
"How are you ?" from Sydney. Thank you very much for being a very kind, thoughtful guide for two days, we had a great time with you.  We wish we could have spent more time with you. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again someday.

Kind regards, Keiko and Mai (from Australia), 2012

Dear Boloroo,
Thanks again for the wonderful journey and guidance. I really felt comfortable in your country and especially the feeling of “trance” in the monastery was fantastic and unbelievable. Greetings a lot and hope to hear from you.

Peter, 2011

Hello Boloroo,
It is a pleasure to get your e-mail. We think often about our trip to your country, and our friends were very interested in knowing what it was like and seeing our pictures. We told them that we liked it very much, the people were wonderful, but the roads were a little rough. I have attached a copy of one of the pictures we took. We would like to send you some others. Could you please provide your mailing address, so we can send you the prints by post? Good-bye for now,

Ken (from USA), 2008

Dear Boloroo,
It has been such fun getting to know you through e-mails… It is even better to finally meet you in person! Thank you for all of your help… You have been great!

Warm regards, Kathy and Susan (from USA), 2009

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