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Ministry of Environment and Tourism

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1. About Mongolia

     1.1. Basic Facts About Mongolia

2. Frequently Asked Questions

     2.1. How do I get to Mongolia?
     2.2. Can I charge my camera battery in the countryside and what kind of power plugs can be used?
     2.3. How about the currency in Mongolia?
     2.4. Can I use my credit card and US dollars everywhere in Mongolia?
     2.5. Mobile telephone and Internet service?
     2.6. I am a vegetarian. Can I find vegetarian meals during my stay in Mongolia?
     2.7. Medical care and Safety?
     2.8. What is the typical Mongolian souvenir?

3. Tips on Mongolian Traditions

     3.1. Tips on Mongolian Traditions

4. Mongolian Visa Information

     4.1. Mongolia Visa Information
          4.1.1. What documents are needed to apply for Mongolian visa?
          4.1.2. What is duration of validity of the Mongolian visa?
          4.1.3. Fees charged for Mongolian visa.
          4.1.4. List of countries and regions with non-visa regime for all types of passport holders:
          4.1.5. List of countries with non-visa arrangement for diplomatic and official passport holders:
          4.1.6. List of countries without visa fee:
          4.1.7. Mongolia has consular conventions with the following countries:
          4.1.8. Mongolia has treaties on mutual legal assistance with the following countries:
          4.1.9. Where I can get additional information? What is the address and contact of Mongolian embassies, consulars and Permanent Missions?

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